Upcycling. So we had material onsite that needed to be repurposed, like an old driveway, and an old cedar fence. I had the guys cut up the driveway into two foot wide strips, and we are going to set those back down as the new patio surfacing. The will be set in courses, with some sort of hardy groundcover growing between the pieces. I may stain the concrete as well. We will see. At least it has been saved from the landfill. It should work out pretty well. Stay tuned as there will be a follow up post detailing the progress there.

We also had a bunch of cedar fencing that was ripe for repurposing. Aged and a little gnarly, it is beautiful stuff, so I had it installed as wall cladding in the office, after we had Penguin’s Coat insulate the walls and ceiling to keep that space comfortable.

Long story short, not much of the fence or the old driveway made it to the dump. Also, I had the demo guys salvage as much of the framing as the could from the original structure. This wood, even 60 years after being installed, is STILL better than any lumber you can buy at a big box lumber store, so we are going to strip the nails and put it back to work when we reframe.





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