The holidays have kept me from posting new stuff, and I apologize. We traveled back home to visit family, and we are getting back in the swing of things, so lets jump right in. When we left, the first floor walls were framed, and when we rolled back into town, we got the best Christmas present of the year. For those unfamiliar, this is a dream house. It represents a tremendous amount of thought, dreaming, and work. To drive 13 hours and see it for the first time at 11pm the other night was as Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation puts it…..reeeeeeeeeeeeeel nice.

On paper, it looked pretty good. We worked at designing the space to be just enough, nothing more. We really dislike unused space in a house, and I think I have everything in the house tight, with the exception of about 12 square feet downstairs, that is driving me crazy. We walked the house the next morning, and it all was just right. Rooms scaled better in reality than we thought. The stairwell was demo’d out, and it was a real surprise to see how the volume of space allowed the whole house to breathe. It still surprises me. By removing the wall that separated the up and down wells, it feels like you have three times the space in that area. It really contributes to the floors communicating with each other, versus being partitioned off.

The view from the master bedroom is better than we expected as well, and so overall, we were and are very happy that the house is turning out better than we anticipated. It is gratifying to do a good job, and then get to live in it.

So this is a catch up post, so check out the photos. We have front walls, a ceiling, and a whole second story. This week we hope to get balcony up, and get close to completion of the framing.










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