When we started this project, I had a general idea for the look and feel we wanted to achieve. A home communicates many messages, and we wanted ours to be warm and inviting, and inspire us. We wanted to feel it. We wanted to feel the craftsmanship and the care and attention that went into sometimes overlooked aspects. These little things communicate quite a bit, whether we are always attuned or not, and we are big believers in the power of good architecture and craft.

That said, we are finishing up putting on the clothes. Given our proclivity for craftsmanship and quality, as well as a love for materials that are warm and develop patina over time, we chose cedar. Lots of cedar. Kurt yet again provided a way by which we could afford to do what we thought we could not, and we ended up milling all our siding materials, saving a dramatic amount over buying it off the rack. Kurt also built all the doors and windows using vertical grained fir (very stable, and a beautiful wood) and they integrate beautifully with the cedar siding. The result is dramatic.

Since the last post, the balcony was added, and today the roofers come back to apply the membrane on top of it to waterproof it. I think that I am going to use coated rebar in between the posts because cable is too flexible, and we have little ones that could find their way through it. More on that detail later.

The roofers were here Monday, and the roof looks sharp, and I will introduce you to the roofer in a seperate post. Great company. We used an Owens Corning shingle, the color is Storm Cloud.

Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC should all complete rough work by the 10th, with Audio/Video prewire as well as insulation to follow, and then we are beginning drywall install. We have a lot going on, and we are having fun.






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