Projects turn a corner when rock goes up on the walls. This stage is my favorite because the space starts to put off how it ‘feels’. Rock went up in March, and we opted to use a museum or smooth finish, which requires the rock to be installed perfectly, and floated out so that the surfaces have few if any imperfections that would show once light reflected off of the surface. Light is not diffused with a smooth finish, the way it does with texture, and so the light seems to bounce endlessly around the room. A satin or egg shell finish on a smooth wall is lively.

If you need drywall work done, there is truly only one guy to call. Adam. Adam owns Adam’s Drywall and he can be reached at 719.321.8555. Honest and talented. Easily the best finisher I have ever worked with, this guy is GOOD at what he does…and his guys that hang the rock are top shelf too, and they shared their goose jerky with me, which put them over the top. If you need sheetrock work, call Adam. Do yourself a favor.








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