Every day I wake up and I think, man, I am alive again. Once the coffee starts flowing the internal dialogue starts. Meaningfulness, efficiency, what am I leaving behind and all that. Usually somewhere in the middle of ‘are my kids going to survive if I am not around’ I get a new idea or something I want to build or do pops up and saves me from the downward spiral, and the rabbit chase for the day begins, with the rest of the day a blend of work, chasing the rabbit, good music and food, and kids, lots of kid stuff. Pretty much every day.

Yesterday I found some old real estate signs (ahhh, already put together steel things, that have no purpose, but need a purpose!) so I got a piece of expanded metal broken at Glaser, and welded up a table using three of the signs. It is rad. The hobby dalliance today is cutting square holes in 1/4″ steel (I am still fabbing the M715 bumper), so I need to go buy some files later today. I get to learn all about files because I know nothing. I only know one of them is a bastard.

I get to play some indoor soccer tonight (day after report: no injuries, win). In about 30 minutes I am going to hang a bunch of joists with Nate at the latest project house (day after report: Bostich mini palm nailer is a wonderful tool). At work, I helped close a $650M loan trade earlier today and working on another one. I ate some amazing Pineapple Curry at Eim Thai with Jon, a guy on the board of TG. It was terrific (and lunch was good too). I woke up with my wife, and shoo’d my kids off to school. I think they are insisting they come watch the old man play soccer tonight. I just weighed myself and I am 5 lbs heavy, and it was not my flip flops, I checked (day after report: back down to 202). My life is pretty good, really.

I need to go fishing, I am feeling lucky.

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