Ute House

We get to do quite a bit of cool stuff  and it is just fun to move from one cool thing to another, and be creative all along the way. The last year and a half have been very busy.

We finished up the 927 house and moved into it. I finished up grad school about a week ago (MBA Finance, huzzah). I got into restoring old 60’s 4WD trucks, and now have two International Scouts, and a Kaiser Jeep M715. Going through the learning curve there. Also got a LS3 engine, had all the machine work done to it, and am going to be building that engine this summer. Also going to be building a fiberglass fly rod, finally have all the parts and pieces sourced and sitting here. We have two houses under construction currently. One is my in-laws place and will be a total restructure, beginning in the fall of 2018. We are working on the basement right now.

The other is a fun project (see image, floor plan) with lots of constraints (natural footprint, after repair value, and budget) which makes it a great challenge. We like to do fresh, edgy stuff, and this house is a cracker box. We have to get creative. The house had 972 square feet to the living space, with a single car garage. We are converting the garage and enclosing the front porch to bring it up to around 1,375 feet, and opening up the old 1956 floor plan considerably. It will be a 3/2 once we are finished up. Showing how cool a simple boxy rancher can be on a budget is the objective.

A ton of other stuff has been going on too, but you are more interested in seeing what we have done and the why and how, so the next few posts are going to be playing catch up and bringing us up to speed with the projects.


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