The purpose of all architecture, writes Christopher Alexander, is to encourage and support life giving activity, dreams, and playfulness. But in recent decades, while our buildings are technically better–more sturdy, more waterproof, more energy efficient– they have also became progressively more sterile, rarely providing the kind of environment in which people are emotionally nourished, genuinely happy, and deeply contented. We adhere to design standards that provide life-giving, dream-feeding playfulness. Our projects are alive and vibrant, and still satisfy the spreadsheet.

All our lives we have been around construction projects. We grew up in families that worked on projects. Every home was modified or built by our parents. Conversation orbited around design. For the last 15 years we have been working in and around single family residential real estate. Our process hinges on actively listening and observing. We rigorously strip away elements to effectively uncover what is left, which is the architectural representation of the personality of our client and the way they want to live.

This is something we do for fun, and we believe that if it is not fun, we are doing something wrong. We love God’s gift to us, the joy of creativity.

Currently Estee is completing the construction of our next home while Rob is working at the national level to design, build, and manage the disposition platforms that help efficiently manage and sell residential inventory for the largest holder of residential inventory in the country. We have a good time, build cool stuff, and are always looking to meet new people who enjoy what we do.

rob@brunkdbs.com / 719.321.1721