Printing your own shirts is cool, and these days, it is very easy. Check out and have a ball … More

A Stitch in Time

Because I’m constantly doing stuff out in my shop or on construction sites, I hate looking for stuff over and … More


Bought this glorious beast accidentally. Red, burly, and American. I was messing around on ebay and I bid trying to … More


We get to do quite a bit of cool stuff  and it is just fun to move from one cool … More


Every day I wake up and I think, man, I am alive again. Once the coffee starts flowing the internal … More

Day 38

OSB was opened up today, revealing the window openings, and they are huge!! Super cool, with awesome views of the … More


We like building in the winter because it gives us something to do, but holy flannel here it comes on … More

1003 Project

The 1003 project was completed about a year ago. We did not post much during the construction process but it was … More