Day 18

690lb steel beam, and the guys did not want to move it by themselves…so we called in a little help … More

Day 13

Forms for the kitchen addition foundation walls. Moving right along!  

Day 10

Excavate, then footer, then foundation walls, then the joists, then walls, then the second story…slowly it comes out of the … More

Day 1

The return of Paul Garcia! Every house gets a visit from Paul. Demo day and we are off to the … More

1015 | Photo Set

Long overdue, we have finally posted a photo set  of 1015. We have been truly living in the home and … More

Begin, again.

We are very excited to introduce our next project. Pleasant Valley has been such a wonderful and joyful neighborhood for … More

Trussed & Trust

Monday morning the crane drove up. The operator set the outriggers, and began floating trusses up over the tree, and … More

Sticks & Steel

A month has flown by. As the walls go up the views are framed, and everyone on the job is … More

Start Button

 Here we go again! Another exciting project is underway on Chambers, to be completed this summer. 1003 Chambers, 80904. Below … More


We spent last Saturday in the mountains, sawing beams from beetle killed pine at Crooked Creek Young Life camp. They … More